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September 21, 2021

Congratulations to Lisa and Alina! Their work on PCMD-1 has been published in Development! Great work! Congratulations to all the girls that contributed! Check out the latest paper from the Mikeladze-Dvali lab!

#WomenInScience rock!

February 10, 2021

Work by the Zanin lab on the regulation of the RhoA GEF Ect2 during cytokinesis in human cells was just accepted in Cell Reports!

Congratulation to Sandra and Fritzi - awesome teamwork! Also big thanks to all students contributing to this paper!!!

 Check out the summary of our paper at  LMU News!


November 12, 2020

PCMD-1 bridges the centrioles and the PCM! Check the latest publication of the Mikeladze-Dvali group on bioRxiv:


Congrats to Lisa and all the master’s students contributing to this work!


…and do not forget to have a look at our MicroPublication: 


October 10, 2020

In a joint effort of the Zanin and Dube labs a caged proteasome inhibitor was developed. With this new chemical biological tool we can now control the cell cycle and apoptosis with blue light. Check out the just accepted paper paper in ‘Angewandte Chemie’! Congratulations to Fritzi, Ed and Sriyash for this great paper!





December 02, 2019

Check out the latest publication by AG Mikeladze-Dvali!!!



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